WeWin Office Pool Rules

Joining a WeWin Pool is optional, by joining a WeWin Pool you agree to the following rules, in addition to the WeWin Official Rules.

Each WeWin Pool will act as a single entity (“Single Entity“) where each valid Game Ticket belongs to the WeWin Pool (excluding the Year End Sweepstakes drawing, see details below).

Once you join a WeWin Pool, all of your Game Tickets earned now and in the future will be entered into the WeWin Pool you joined until you leave the pool. You may only join one (1) WeWin Pool at a time. WeWin Pool is not available for Game Tickets received via the Alternate Entry Method.

Joining a WeWin Pool

After you have set up a Tip Yourself Account, agreed to the WeWin Official Rules, and complied with any Tip Yourself or Earnin account requirements, and have received your WeWin Game Ticket, you can join WeWin Pools. Pending tickets are not eligible to participate in WeWin Pools.

You will be prompted to join a WeWin Pool composed of other Community Members who are employed by the same company. WeWin Pools are not associated with, endorsed by or affiliated with your employer. Each WeWin Pool Member will share in any winnings (see details below), based on the number of valid Game Tickets a Member has at the beginning of each week's game that still remain at the end of the week. No partial Game Ticket(s) will be valid in any WeWin Pool until after that week's Sunday WeWin number has been revealed (after or about 4:30 p.m.) and the next weekly game begins.

Once a member of a WeWin Pool, any Game Tickets and Bonus Tickets (including but not limited to tickets received through referrals) earned by a WeWin Pool Member, will automatically be submitted into the appropriate full week WeWin Pool. Bonus Entries are valid for the one (1) full week of eligibility after they have been issued. Once that week's Game has been completed, that Bonus Ticket is automatically removed from the WeWin Pool and is no longer valid or for any WeWin Pool winnings.

Once you join an Office Pool, your submitted Game Ticket(s) become valid after the Sunday Reveal has been announced and will be valid for the following Monday through Sunday WeWin Game numbers, as long as the member remains eligible and the Game Ticket(s) remain valid and not revoked (see Rule 4-a). While active in a Prize Pool, members will see the number of Game Tickets in the Office Pool, how much in total prize money has been won in that Prize Pool, how many matches the Prize Pool has to date, what Prize Pool Game Ticket numbers to root for, plus other details as may be added by the Sponsor in its sole discretion.

WeWin Pools - Calculating Your Share of Winnings

How to determine what percentage of the WeWin Pool you will receive for any valid winning Game Ticket(s).

  • Winning Tickets in a WeWin Pool will be proportionally shared amongst all participants on a per prize winning Game Ticket basis.

    • For example, if there are 100 Game Tickets and 20 of them are Game Tickets you contributed, you will receive 20% of the prize winnings on Sunday (after the final number is revealed), someone who contributed the minimum of one (1) Game Ticket, will receive 1% of the winnings.
  • Each Member' total WeWin Pool winnings that are not directly divisible by the number of tickets in the Prize Pool will be rounded up and the system will automatically pay out the proportionate amount for each WeWin winning Pool Ticket.
  • During the week, if a Member's Ticket(s) has been revoked, the Earnin System will automatically remove the appropriate number of Game Tickets from that Member's Game Ticket contribution to the respective WeWin Pool. The Earnin system will remove the Game Ticket(s) with the fewest number of matches.
  • All qualified WeWin Pool winnings will be distributed automatically by the Earnin system or as set forth in the rules to each member of the WeWin Pool based on each WeWin Pool Member's eligible Game Tickets in the respective WeWin Pool. Please note: In certain instances, prize winnings, when divided by the number of tickets, will or may have fractional cents. In this case, the winning amount will be divided by the number of playing participants and the Sponsor will round up (at its sole discretion), where required to make a valid payment. The total winnings per Member per completed Game week, will be deposited into the Member's Earnin's Tip Yourself Product or by check at the sole discretion of Sponsor. Should the Earnin's Tip Yourself Account reach its maximum allowable deposit, the funds will be deposited into that Members linked bank account or paid via check to the winner, as determined by the Sponsor in its absolute sole discretion.

How to Leave and Rejoin an Office Pool

  • You may choose to leave a WeWin Pool at any point of time; however your departure will only take effect once that week's Game has ended. For example, if you decide to leave the WeWin Pool on Wednesday, prior to the Sunday's final number reveal, your Game Tickets will still be part of the WeWin Pool until the final number is drawn on Sunday. Once the current week's game completes, you will no longer be part of the WeWin Pool.
  • You may join another Office Pool prior to the next Monday following the current Sunday WeWin number reveal, in order to participate in that upcoming week's Game.

Should the WeWin Pool win a major prize (a prize greater than $5,000) or the $10,000,000 Grand Prize, What happens?

  • In the case of the Grand Prize, if won by a WeWin Pool, the WeWin Pool winner(s) must opt for the $6,500,000 one-time cash payment which will be paid out as set forth above. If there are multiple WeWin Pools or individual winners of the Grand Prize, each WeWin Pool will be treated as a Single Entity and each individually played Game Ticket (not part of any Prize Pool) will be treated as a Single Entity. For example, if one individual and one WeWin Pool has a winning game ticket, each winner will be counted as one (1) winner and the Prize will be divided 50/50.
  • The same process will be used to calculate any winnings of $5,000 or more. For example, if two WeWin Pools have a $25,000 winning Game Ticket and two individual Game Ticket players have the same winning Game Tickets, the prize would be divided by four (4) and each would win 25% of the Prize value.

How are WeWin Pool Tickets entered into the Year End Sweepstakes Drawing?

  • Entry into the Sweepstakes begins when a Member receives their first Game Ticket during the Game Entry Period (whether that Game Ticket is part of a WeWin Pool or played individually). That initial Game Ticket is your personal entry into the Sweepstakes drawing. The last chance to enter is December 19, 2021 at 8:59 p.m. prior to the last WeWin Game Number is revealed. LIMIT: One ( 1 ) entry per Member. A random drawing will be conducted by the Administrator on or about December 20, 2021 from all eligible entries received during the Game Entry Period. The prize is paid to the winning Member whose entry is randomly selected and not to any WeWin Pool.