People of Earnin: Guillermo Cruz

Ever since he was 16, Guillermo has been on the grind. Currently working as a sales rep, he has goals of eventually moving up the ladder and into a career in IT. Hear more about his goals, motivations, and why he uses Earnin below:

“I'm a sales rep for T-Mobile, and I've been there for about a year and a half. I want to work there for a little while longer, but I do want to eventually work for Apple. I've had friends that work at Apple, and they seem to really like it.

Long-term, I just want to be happy at what I'm doing. I like IT and I'm into computers and stuff like that so that's always been very easy for me. In terms of what specifically [I want to do], I'm honestly not exactly sure yet but anything in IT would be good for me. My main goal is just to keep making good money. I'm 24 and last year, I made 35k. This year, I've already made 35k and on route to make around 40k. The two main things that have helped me earn more are commission and T-Mobile’s stock program where we basically get stocks for dirt cheap. I sold some of my stocks too, which in itself, made me like $2000.

In terms of my motivation, I've always been self driven. I come from a background where I don't really have things given to me so I've always had to work for what I have. I've had a consistent job ever since I was 16. Growing up, I wouldn’t say we were poor-poor, but my mom only made like 30k a year, So my main goal was to make more money than my mom. My mom is a very hardworking person who doesn't really rely on other people so I would say that's where I get a lot of my self-drive from. She came to the US in the late seventies and as a young kid, I would see she’s always had a job consistently. If something happened and she lost her job, she would just keep it moving and find another one.

I found Earnin through an ad. I saw it on Snapchat actually. I really liked the concept of Earnin because, unlike other apps that I had used that charge an express fee to get the money instantly, with Earnin, you can leave whatever you want. I really liked the fact that Earnin basically gives the user the power as to how much they want to give. Earnin is a lot more flexible. I feel like it's very generous that they don't have a $2 express fee, $5 express fee like these other companies. That's what has really kept me using Earnin. It's just a great concept.”

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